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The Quebec government offers various programs to financially assist homeowners in renovating and increasing the energy efficiency of their homes.
These programs can help you reduce the cost of replacing or installing your heating and/or air conditioning systems.

Chauffez Vert

Do you have an oil heating system in your home? Would you like to replace it with a more efficient and less polluting system?

Take advantage of financial assistance from the Chauffez Vert program to replace your fossil fuel systems with systems powered by electricity or other renewable energy sources.
Find out more about Chauffez Vert now and plan your replacement.

• You will improve the energy efficiency of your home.
• You will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.
• You'll be eligible for financial assistance.
• And that's not counting the recurring savings generated by a new high-performance system.

Réno climat

Are your heating costs too high? Are your floors cold and do you feel drafts? Rénoclimat guides you in your home renovation work to improve the energy performance of your home.
Find out more about Rénoclimat now and plan your replacement work.

• Take advantage of a free home visit by a Rénoclimat advisor and get personalized advice to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
• Reduce your energy consumption in the long term while improving the comfort of your home.
• Get financial assistance.

Heat pumps eligible for financial assistance

The installation of a heat pump is eligible for financial assistance under the Rénoclimat, Novoclimat Homes and Novoclimat Small Multi-Unit Buildings programs. Hydro-Québec also offers financial assistance.
The heat pump chosen must be on the list of eligible heat pumps at the time of installation and all program conditions must be met.

The amount of financial assistance varies according to the winter heating capacity of the installed system. The higher the installed heat pump capacity, the greater the financial assistance granted.

Calculation rule used:
The financial assistance is $50 for each thousand BTU of heating capacity at -8°C.

Logisvert Program - Efficient Heat Pump by Hydro-Québec

As part of its commitment to the energy transition, Hydro-Québec has taken over the heat pump component of the Quebec Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources' Heat Pump Program.
Therefore, it is now Hydro-Québec that grants financial assistance for the installation of an eligible heat pump.
The installation of this type of device is part of the Quebec government's Plan for a Green Economy 2030.

Initiative canadienne pour des maisons plus vertes

• Subventions allant de 125 $ à 5 000 $ pour couvrir une partie des frais associés à vos rénovations résidentielles admissibles
• Jusqu’à 600 $ – Montant maximum pour couvrir les coûts de vos évaluations ÉnerGuide avant et après rénovations.

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