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Air quality

Air exchanger

A breath of fresh air!
Air exchanger

How it works

Modern construction standards mean that houses are better insulated than ever. Unfortunately, at the same time, exhausting stale air, various pollutants and excess humidity becomes more problematic, and your home may not be as comfortable and safe as you would like.

Lennox air exchangers are designed to evacuate stale, contaminated indoor air to the outside. At the same time, they draw in fresh, oxygenated air from outside and distribute it throughout the house. Thus, stale air is constantly replaced by an equal amount of clean air. The design and materials used (patented aluminum) allow you to renew the air inside your home without sacrificing your comfort or wasting energy.

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Lennox® HRV3-200 and HRV4-200 air exchangers

A breath of fresh air!

• Five-speed fan operation.

• Four selectable operational modes.

• Patented Aluminium Heat Exchange Core.

• Built-in dehumidistat: automatically adjusts the air exchange rate when humidity increases. No more condensation on the windows.

• Easy-clean: rinse and replace..

5-year Limited Warranty on covered components.

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